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Sister Jenni Johnson


9 Medical Mews


+27 82 5566 770


My absolute saviour ! Jenni has been with my little girl since 2 weeks old. I wouldn't have survived the first year without her. I'm now in NZ and still getting my Jenni lessons! Can't reccomend Jenni enough!


I am eternally grateful to you for making my parenting journey such an amazing one, you are truly one of a kind


The care and love we received from Jenni and her team is amazing! She really goes the extra mile to help new and experienced moms!


Jenni Johnson gave my husband and I the much needed sleep we so badly dreamed about... In just one week of taking my 9 month old to Jenni, he slept through where previously he woke up twice a night. Started taking my 2nd baby to Jenni from day 1 and she slept through from 2 months old. Jenni gives the guidance that moms so badly need and really assist in bringing sanity back to the home. One of the best decisions I ever made once I became a parent.


Jenni has been an absolute lifesaver for me! I would really recommend that first time moms go and see her throughout the first year of your baby's life - she will set your mind at ease and get your baby onto a flexible routine that allows you to breathe and cope!